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Hello! My name is Paul, and I make Latin and Greek apps for iPad and iPhone, as well as Latin study guides as e-books.

Stephen asked me to write a few words about what I do and why I do it, which of course I was happy to do. But really I’m writing this because I like to help classics teachers and students where I can, so I figured I’d give you all some free apps, some free advice, and then make an open offer to help make what you want to see come to life.

Let’s start with some advice:

  • Apple has an educational volume discount scheme, which saves you 50% off many educational apps including all of mine. If you aren’t using this scheme, you’re just throwing money away – make your cash go further and get your IT people to sign up! You can learn more here.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for free copies of apps. App developers like me have kids too, and we want to know that teachers have everything they need to be awesome. So, email me at or email other developers, and just say, “I’m a teacher at XYZ school and I’d love a free copy of your app ABCApp if you have one free.” Every app developer gets free copies to give away, so claim one before someone else does!
  • Look carefully when an app says it’s “free”. Many free apps are only free because their features are limited – you need to have an in-app purchase (IAP) to unlock the real features. This is annoying because IAPs aren’t covered by the educational discount scheme, so your students are forced to pay for it themselves. Many “free” apps are also paid for with advertising, which may be suitable for the classroom.
  • Don’t forget about games, particularly those that support Game Center. Games can really help change the pace of a class when you want to have a little fun, and Game Center is Apple’s way of letting players earn achievements compete against each other for a high score – kids have fun, battle for the best scores, and usually don’t realise they are learning all the time! My Mythology app for iPad for example gives students achievements for showing they have learned each story.
  • You can get a small connector for your iPad that lets you project it onto the big screen. More technically advanced schools can also send their iPad’s screen to a connected Apple TV, allowing you to control it wirelessly. This lets you guide students through parts of an app live, highlighting interesting features as you go.
  • Many apps have features that work even if you’re the only person in your class to have an iPad. For example, SPQR lets you create and decks of flashcards, and you can share them with anyone that has a computer. It also lets you generate Latin grammar tests, which again can be shared to anyone via email.
  • If you’re looking for great apps, don’t think the App Store is going to help you find them. Sadly the search isn’t very good, and with almost a million apps out there it’s hard to know what’s good without spending a lot of money. So, either look at educational app review sites that have covered Latin apps such as appoLearning, or just ask people from different schools – I can recommend the #LatinTeach keyword on Twitter, for example.
  • When you find something you like, tell others. Some people think my apps are made by a team, but they aren’t – it’s just me! That means I don’t have any marketing skill or promotional budget, so I rely on word of mouth. If you like what I’m doing, pass it on!

Enough of that! Time for the main event: some free apps. Like I said above, every developer gets a limited number of free copies of their apps to give away. These codes have some basic rules that are very important, so please read carefully:

  1. Each code can be used only once, by one person. Once a code has been used, it won’t work for anyone else.
  2. If you have an iPad and an iPhone, you only need one code – it will work on both your devices.
  3. Once you’ve used a code, the app is yours for life, including all updates.
  4. If you don’t know how to use a promotional code, click here to see my instructions.

Got all that? Great! Below you can find 20 codes each for four of my apps: SPQR, Certamen, Mythology, and Speed Latin Premium. Remember, you only need one code for each app, but others will be using the codes too – try one until it works!

If you tried all the codes and didn’t get one, drop me an email and I’ll see if I have any more.


  • 9PA7TYY9MN36
  • Y3JX9497WY73
  • 649N4AA3NEJX
  • HAT6RMR96WJ7
  • 36KE7M3HPE4E
  • MJ7774KKP66F
  • A7JL496XTK4F


  • 7KN7MRM7L4M6
  • 7L9474EMNYWX
  • 4X74A3MK9AN6
  • 4347YWNEP3FX
  • K3LLLN9KY7T3
  • K3N46NMEW4KT
  • M4ERE3Y7NYF7


  • AWAR449W6L9W
  • 4XJAM9E4E9LY
  • W6M9L6A74YR4
  • LT437K3L3W9M
  • Y4LHARY3J94N

Speed Latin Premium

  • YFEN94T66TFE
  • 3N67T6W9AT4J
  • AKH4ANKX749W
  • 76RMN6A36Y7H
  • 647JAWKXHPK4
  • 3HTHJNY73XJ4
  • 497NK7EFWF9T
  • 639L7LW9RYT3
  • RWE3434J3HNK
  • 6YF4H4P46RF3

An open offer to teachers

I love making apps, and I consider it a privilege to be able to help classics teachers in their classroom – that’s why I’ve already made 20 Latin and Greek apps and games, and I’m always coming up with more!

If you’ve tried my apps and there’s something I don’t do, or perhaps do a little but not enough for your needs, I want to improve. SPQR, Certamen, etc, are just the beginning of what apps can do for the classical world, and I’m happy to contribute my time and skills to help build new features and new ideas that will help inspire and surprise students for years to come.

No, this isn’t some sort of scam where I charge you thousands for a few hours of work. Instead, you just tell me what you need, and I’ll do my best to make it happen. You have nothing to lose, so get in touch today:

I sincerely hope the free apps above prove useful in your teaching, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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