Appeal for an A Level Classical Civilisation Tutor

If you can help out with this tutoring opportunity (the problem arose through missed attendance on account of illness), please contact Deborah Dicks (

Name: Leah

Studying: last year of A-Levels

Location: Pinner, Harrow, London (but am happy to travel if necessary)

I am a dedicated student with an immense passion and love for Greek and Roman Antiquity, especially its literature and drama, and am prepared to work my fullest and beyond in order to achieve my highest potential. 

I am looking for a tutor familiar with the requirements of the A2 Level Classical Civilisation syllabus. This includes a thorough knowledge of the following texts:

– Aristophanes’ Clouds and Lysistrata 

– Plautus’ The Brothers Menaechmus and The Swaggering Soldier

– Virgil’s Aenied 

– Homer’s Iliad

As I have not been attending school, but studying myself at home, I am looking for an experienced tutor who would be able to suppliment my learning in helping me understand these texts with greater insight into their literary and historical context. Training and guidance with essay writing, including marking and going through practice papers, would also be paramount.

I would be looking for support up to the June exam period, with a minimum of 2 sessions a week till the end of April.