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  • Sarah Bell posted an update in the group Group logo of School Trips to RomeSchool Trips to Rome 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Thanks everyone for your recommendations_ I was dubious about the café in Ostia because of the horrendous experience we had in Pompeii’s café last year, but it sounds like it’s not quite the same!

  • Tina Budd posted an update in the group Group logo of School Trips to RomeSchool Trips to Rome 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    We took a group to Roma in October and went to Ostia. The cafe is very expensive but good. Our children had a packed lunch which gave us more time in the site. They found it fascinating and in their trip feedback it featured as very popular.

  • Sarah Dineen posted an update in the group Group logo of School Trips to RomeSchool Trips to Rome 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    I agree with Ben – the on site cafe gives a good range of options. We went to Ostia on our arrival at the airport and the coach driver was very keen to take us to a pizzeria for lunch on the way – I was convinced he was going to make money on this from the restaurant so stuck to my original planning of eating at Ostia.

  • Sarah Bell posted an update in the group Group logo of School Trips to RomeSchool Trips to Rome 1 month, 1 week ago


    Another food related question-can anyone recommend any good places to get lunch at/near Ostia antica, please?

    • The on-site cafe is pretty good. Not overly pricey and a reasonably wide range of food. Indoor & outdoor tables.

    • We don’t tend to go to the on-site cafe as we visit Ostia straight from the airport and find it quite helpful to let our (year 10s) have a little bit of freedom before the ‘work’ so have taken the coach out to Lido di Ostia before the site visit. That way we give pupils time to buy lunch on one main street – there are loads of restaurants, cafes…[Read more]

  • Sarah Bell posted an update in the group Group logo of School Trips to RomeSchool Trips to Rome 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Can anyone recommend some good cheap pizza places in Rome for a party of 30 sixth formers. We just need a couple of lunch stop offs where we can have a brief rest, grab a slice and a can of pop and move on…

    • Pizza Ciro via della Mercede 43, just 5 minutes from Spanish steps. Good food and lovely staff. Restaurant is much bigger than it looks from the outside.

    • Pizza Forum, via di San Giovanni in Laterano 34/36/38. Close to the Colosseum, clean and spacious, good reasonable value food – pizza or pasta.

    • Another Pizza Ciro at the north end of the Piazza Navona (Piazza di S. Apollinare). Superb!

  • Ben Tanner posted an update in the group Group logo of School Trips to RomeSchool Trips to Rome 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    We have used Hellene Travel for each of our last three trips to Rome (and the Bay of Naples). They’ve been excellent every time, getting us out of trouble on a couple of occasions. I would definitely AVOID doing the trip without a travel firm: the ramifications in terms of insurance and protection (ABTA etc.) are not worth the risk. Our itinerary…[Read more]

    • Do consider the sleeper train to Rome from Paris. I’ve taken groups by this route twice now, and it’s excellent. You can get a train down to Naples for Pompeii as well. And we always use Hellene, who are great.

  • As an old Rome hand my advice is to avoid any hotel in the vicinity of Termini as there are increasing numbers of homeless people in the area. re Ostia Antica, it’s easy to get to by train. Another place worth visiting is Tivoli. If your flight home is pm it’s easy to fit in a visit en route (sort of!) to the airport.
    For clarification, I mean…[Read more]

  • We always use Travelbound. Stayed at the Palladium Palace hotel near Termini station last year. Best breakfast I\’ve ever had in Rome. Factor in a trip to Ostia Antica; 45 mins train ride from Rome and, for my money, a better site than Pompeii.

    • You can get a boat to take you down the river to Ostia Antica – a great experience!

      • We buy a 7 day travel ticket when we arrive, which we can also use for the trip to Ostia Antica, hence why we always take the train. I don’t suppose a boat trip would be included in that

      • We’re going to Ostia next month, straight off the flight (to Fiumicino). Pity I did not know about the boat, but it takes some time, presumably?

      • I didn’t organise the trip but I can try to find out the details from my colleague who did. We enjoyed the experience because it was a chance to relax in between all our dashing about. It is a very amateurish looking operation and the pier is not signposted at all. We had a coach to take us to the boat. The staff were lovely and although the…[Read more]

  • Maya Davis posted an update in the group Group logo of School Trips to RomeSchool Trips to Rome 4 months ago

    Hi Stephanie,
    It’s some time since I organised a school trip to Rome, but I always used a travel company. Just be very careful about the hotel your school is allocated. We had a bad experience with one where the staff entered students’ rooms during the day while we were out and rifled through their possessions, and the travel company’s…[Read more]

    • In general, beware of hotels anywhere near Termini, especially in the streets to the south of the station – they can be pretty dreadful and louche as well.

  • Stephanie Shrubb posted an update in the group Group logo of School Trips to RomeSchool Trips to Rome 4 months ago

    I have finally been given permission to look into the viability of a school trip to Rome. Is it worth going with a tour company or is it better to DIY? What have you done in the past that has worked well? As for tour companies, I know of Nimrod and Hellene but am not sure whether there are others which are worth considering? Any tips would be…[Read more]

    • Hi Stephanie! I have used Hellene in the past and they are good. I am currently organising a trip in April through Travelbound who have been really good for the last couple of trips I have done to Italy and Greece. I would advise using a travel company – it provides ABTA and ATOL protection and takes the hassle out of administration and organisation.

    • We have used NST and WST in the past. We’ve found both very professional. We tend to go for 5 days and 4 nights. On the arrival i take students on a tour of Rome – Piazza Navona, Pantheon…Day 2 Colosseum, Palatine, Forum. Day 3 Vatican. Day 4 coach trip to Pompeii. Day 5 depart. We use a guide for the Vatican though prefer to guide ourselves…[Read more]

    • I would certainly use a travel group, especially if it is your first time; there is enough to do looking after the students without having to worry about transport etc. It would be Hellene Travel every time for me. They are professional and flexible and respond really quickly to queries.

    • I’d agree that if you haven’t done a trip there before, it might be best to go with a company. I have done it both ways and I wouldn’t recommend going it alone unless you have both a very good knowledge of the city yourself (it needs to be up to date, too!) and a competent Italian speaker as part of the team. Hope this helps. Buon viaggio.

    • A tour company every time (and Hellene are good) – that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about. I always took students on a walking tour of Rome on the first evening to wear them out. The first view of the Colosseum always provides a wow factor. Don’t forget you can get guidebooks for students from me – the book includes the Bay of Naples as…[Read more]

    • Thank you, everyone. I think I will go down the tour company route and will approach Travelbound and Hellene to start with. 5 days would be ideal for me; Rome and Ostia. I will probably be back with more questions!

    • I’d be wary of Travelbound. They left us stranded to sort out missing passports via the Consulate on our own because our travel rep had a day off. Nor would they believe our word against the coach driver, until another school found our bag on the bus he’d supposedly searched thoroughly, by which time it was too late as the documents had been…[Read more]

      • Anyone is welcome to use the booklets I made for our last trip to Rome with details and pix of the main things I like to highlight. Pyrrha.me.uk and then I think you go to the Meet Pyrrha page and things for my students.

      • Thank you for this, Stephanie. It’s tricky, isn’t it? Travelbound did a very good tour for us for another subject, and they were good with the troubleshooting on location then.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      I have been running a trip to Rome for the past two years and I do it DIY to make it cheaper for the students – but then my students are only A2s so it might be different if I was taking younger students. I manage to do 4 days/3 nights in Rome for £300 per student. If you want more details let me know. Amy

  • Looking ahead to a possible sixth form trip to Rome and based on past experience can I suggest Ostia as a good base (and agreat site to look at) then a railway commute into Rome – service is regular, cheap, and runs v late so you can extend time in the centre of Rome well past rush hour!

  • Does anyone here have experience of Nimrod Tours, please? We are wondering about a Classics and Choir trip to Rome, and would be interested in any comments about this company. Thank you, Sarah

    • I have used Nimrod in the past and am currently using them to organise a trip in October 2017 – Catherine is very helpful and knows her stuff. Very happy to recommend!

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