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    Hi, is anyone else going to make a complaint about question 5 on the Greek Epic paper? Would the Odyssey make a good film??? Really???

    • Considering I do a mini project with my students on how they’d turn certain books into a film, I quite liked that question. I thought the guidance bullet points were fair. No matter how much I talk about the Homeric camera, my class was always going to answer the question about irresponsibility though!

      • I think the question was too hard for first years. A lot of mine would have launched into a description of places and monsters rather than analyse the effectiveness of translating oral poetry into modern genres. To start with, what are the criteria for a “goof film”? Question 5 has always been a bit dodgy, and I have never complained, but the film one had very little to do with the syllabus I thought. We are an open access College, and students need a C in English to do ClassCiv. My second years would cope with a question like this, particularly with their knowledge of Comic drama and performance. Oh well, we’ll see what happens…

    • They need to ‘translate the question’ – it’s simply a narrative technique essay