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    (Reposting this from the general timeline as now realise that wasn’t a good place to leave the query!). I’m a newly-joined member, teaching a small number of students in Hong Kong, who are generally aiming for IGCSE or SAT and taking Latin outside of their own school curriculum. I am currently trying to advise one of them who, although studying at a school here on the Canadian system (similar to USA with six years secondary school leading to Diploma Exam) wants to do Latin at a UK university. He is keen but doesn’t have much time to spare from his regular school subjects. The problem is that he takes the IGCSE next summer and, although this is a slightly harder exam than OCR or WJEC, it is not the equivalent of a full A-level. He’s therefore wondering whether to spend an extra year in HK doing the A-level or to apply this year for a classical studies course which would not require a prior language qualification. As he is keen on doing the language itself, not just relying on translation, if he applies this year he would need a course with a strong Latin-from-scratch programme. From people I’ve already contacted it looks as if Oxford’s Mode II course would fit the bill but, to supplement an internet search, I would welcome recommendations from people familiar with courses elsewhere.