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    I fully understand Lynn’s concerns that leaving aqa does not help others, but I have tried to petition for a change. On 3 courses face to face , and one online, at great cost to my school, I have repeatedly requested representation from the chief examiner for the tragedy module, but to no avail. I think that, as teachers, we are entitled to better support.
    I also agree with Ben that perhaps 90 mins is not enough to allow our best students to showcase their talents. I hope that the changes will bring balance.
    Aqa runs a great and interesting set of modules which I have enjoyed for many years. Criteria and marking for the Virgil module are clear and consistent. I am only considering returning to OCR as the fields may be consistently fertilised, with whatever they choose to fertilise them.

    • Julie, I understand that you want to talk to people at the top but are you aware that current Ofqual rules prevent the Chief Examiner and the Principal Examiners from attending these meetings. This has been in force since the problems a few years ago when journalists reported that they believed examiners running courses were giving away questions. Since then, no one who has seen any papers which have yet to be taken can take part in a course such as the ones you have been to. They are informed by the Chief and Principal Examiners but delivered by someone who has not had sight of future papers but who has wide-ranging knowledge of the system and modules.

      • Thanks Jo. Yes I am aware that rules have changed, I think about 2 years ago, but my experience predates this, to when courses were run by those who knew the subject matter, and the criteria. Why else would you go on the course?
        Incidentally, I should be clear that aqa never compromised professionalism on the courses I attended, and support was knowledgeable and informative for democracy, Iliad , Odyssey and Virgil, without compromising integrity. It’s just the tragedy module where nobody has been available to answer questions about course content.