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    I have changed from AQA to OCR this year, and would like any advice about changes to assessment criteria in the last 10 years. I notice in particular that context questions which used to be worth 10 marks, and now worth 20, and assume this means that students are required to write in more detail; almost as much as the 25 mark question? Am teaching Odyssey and Tragedy this year, Virgil and art next year. would be most grateful for any advice, marked scripts, feedback from courses etc. Many thanks.

    • Dear Julie,

      It used to be 10, 15, 20 for the context questions and 55 for the essay. That changed to 10, 20 , 25 with the essay being worth 45.

      The 10 marker is AO1, factual recall. The 20 and 25 marker are AO1 and AO2.

      If you email me, I can send you some past scripts and any material I have re: assessment. My email address is rbradley@berkhamstedschool.org,

      Best wishes,

      Rachel Bradley