• Julie Wolseley posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hi Hannah.
    I have just returned to OCR after 10years with aqa. I only changed to aqa because I wanted to teach the Iliad. Now however Iliad features on OCR spec so I am returning to the fold. Comments about the new A Level are really important, as whatever you do in September is likely to face great changes. If you need to start in September, my advice would be to go with the topics that are most appealing to you, as they are likely to be the ones you want to continue with in 2017. I now teach OCR Odyssey and Tragedy. I was always very happy with OCR in the past.
    My email address is thejuliewolseley@googlemail.com if you want any materials or advice. But have a look at the specs first, as they are quite different.