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    Gosh. Always had great results on Virgil at A2, but less successful with tragedy. This year tragedy successful, but Virgil really poor. I have not changed what I do, and really diligent and bright students have been in tears with disappointment. Just feel I am running out of strategies to target improvement when results seem so random. So frustrated.

    • Hi Julie. Our results have improved for CIV3C this year, but I’m still trying to work out the best way to get all students good marks. I marked for CIV4C this year, so will offer advice if I can, but I would say for the moment use the resources on e-AQA, look at the average score your classes got for each question and then get some papers back (I’m happy to share some of mine once they come back from the exam board) and look over why the higher marks were given. I noticed whilst marking that students who generally chose the question on Mezentius and Laius really didn’t form deep answers and their 10 mark answers were also quite poor, so I guess that could be one reason. If you want any more help then please email m.gee@xaverian.ac.uk I haven’t been teaching the A2 long, so this year I am committed to making as many links as I can with other teachers to improve how I teach.

      • Thanks Matthew. Have been teaching this module for 10 years now and had such good results in the past. I always look at the results online, but this year has been a massive disappointment and I am at a real loss to explain it. No changes in teaching or potential of students. Just despairing!