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    Have returned to OCR this year after concerns with aqa. A little disappointed with results, but most concerned that the brightest student in the year has got the same grade as the weakest. Makes me look foolish, and I will go for a remark, having looked at the paper, but am concerned following the government’s harsh position on remarks. Also concerned about people’s comments on the marking of the art paper which I plan to do next year. I had 10 very happy years with OCR and hope that someone can reassure me about the reliability of marking.

    • Hi, we’ve been disappointed with the OCR A Level Classical Civilisation results as well, especially the Art and Architecture module. A pupil, normally achieving As and hardworking, scored a C. Is there anyone who has a pupil who scored an A and would be happy to share the paper, so we can see what the expectations are? It seems very unfair on the pupils.

      • Ok so I have requested scripts for students with similar marks for comparison, and there does seem to be a discrepancy between different markers. The same points have not been recognised for different candidates.
        I am very concerned about the art marks at A2 as I plan to take this option this year. Before AS levels I got great results on the art paper with very fair and justifiable marking.
        I have useful samples from OCR online, but having carefully analysed them it seems to me like standards have got much harsher.
        Would also love to see an example of an A grade paper for art.