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    Really shocked by some very low marks on the Art paper. Anyone else in a similar situation?

    • My best candidate achieved a strong A on her Hero paper but only a D on her Art paper. Will definitely investigate as she had revised all the source material thoroughly.

      • Thank you Anna. I have a 93 on the hero paper, but 49 on art for the same candidate. Really concerned for the students, but also need to know whether I am doing something wrong in my teaching. Remarks are risky when the student is close to a grade boundary, so uncertain how to proceed. Will certainly get the paper back at least

    • Yes – I have requested the paper back to decide whether we should go for a remark. Deadline for that is today. This is all really annoying because the Art marks are usually fair – we have had trouble with the epic papers in the last two years…

      • Some people feel that art marks are unpredictable , and others that they are fair. There seems to be no clear pattern, so guess we will have to judge each student on a case by case basis. My greatest concern is that I cannot request a remark for a student who is close the lower grade boundary, as that will risk their uni place. Frustrating when there is a 35/40 mark difference between modules, and just seems so unfair

    • That is frustrating. Have you got a copy yet? I have received the copy today and definitely feel that my student has been short changed but there are no comments justifying any of the marks. I think we shall be going for a review as I feel there is no way she can go down, though I know that the terms of reviewing are quite strict now.

      • This is one of the oddities of OCR’s marking now that it has all moved online. RM Assessor must surely have a facility to add comments, yet examiners are instructed not to do so. This makes it difficult for anyone to see why the examiner arrived at that mark.