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  • Are there any resource lists for the new A-level yet?

  • I have a past student who is looking to start teacher training next year. She is keen to teach Classics as the History course she would be taking is mostly Modern. Any advice? What are her chances of getting a job at the end of it?

  • Has anyone got any resources on the baldric of Pallas and the images represented on them? I’ve done a powerpoint for the students (which is rather long winded) but I would appreciate something a little better. Anything on “ekphrasis” within the Aeneid would also be tremendously helpful. Many thanks.

  • This is very short notice. Nevertheless I am taking 39 students to Rome and Sorrento tonight. I am organised with Rome, but could do with a little advice on the days we are in Sorrento / Naples. We are staying at the Hotel Albatros on Thursday and Friday nights. I have not been to Sorrento before, and could do with some advice on what to do in…[Read more]

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  • Hi everyone. I currently have a member of staff off on long term sick, and I am now forced to teach Classical Civilisation A2 (I normally just do the AS) I have been left with sparse resources in the teaching of tragedy (CIV3C) and we were hoping to switch from Alexander to the Aeneid (CIV4C) after Christmas and I have limited resources for that…[Read more]

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