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  • Anne Dicks posted an update in the group Group logo of GCSE GreekGCSE Greek 2 years, 7 months ago

    Is it definite about the short course finishing or is there anything we can try to do about it?

  • ThumbnailThe Roman Baths in Bath are one of the most popular Roman remains for school visits in the country, and Anne Dicks (0f Pyrrha’s Pages) has written for the museum a collection of resources for teaching and learning […]

  • Some time ago the Roman Baths museum in Bath asked me to compile some resources for teachers which they intend to make freely available on their website. I completed the resources but there has been a delay in getting them onto the website. I will ask the staff at the museum if I can make these draft resources available to colleagues – perhaps…[Read more]

    • Yes, please, Anne. As someone who is considering a trip thither this year, I would welcome access to some up-to-date material.

    • I second Terry’s post – yes, please! I have already planned a trip to the Roman Baths museum and would like any resources I can get my hands on. =)

    • Yes, please! Would be happy to trial the resources

    • I’m sure that would be appreciated. I’ve just taken a trip to Bath and had to do quite a bit of adapting of some of their material to make it fit for my GCSE Latin group. Their material on translating inscriptions was useful – although I’m not convinced many of the students actually utilised it, given the translations are next to the stones!

    • I would be happy to get involved too. I have just come back from a trip to Bath, once again realising that the material I have does not quite work despite adaptations.

    • My mistake! I have just looked carefully at the Roman Baths website again and found that the resources have been uploaded! They hadn’t let me know and I hadn’t been able to find them! They are in a section called Secondary School resources. (wonder how long they have been there …..?)

  • I will aim to put the link here within a week, but if anyone else would like it more urgently you can send me your email address on a Classics Library message. I would prefer to wait until I have asked permission from the Roman Baths!

    .. and about the translating inscriptions point: my resources include help with translating tombstones and…[Read more]

  • Here is an updated petition to sign in support of Spanish teachers of Classics who are campaigning to prevent the proposed removal of Classical Greek from the curriculum. It was sent to me by Cristina Sanchez, […]

  • I don’t know how to upload a photo of me on the glass bottomed boat CYMBA as proof that – (despite the hotel rep telling us that Naples was far too dangerous for anybody to visit on their own) – we DID find our way from Sorrento to Naples, across Naples using the metro, through some dodgy back streets to find the Cumana station to Fusaro…[Read more]

    • Exciting! The remains at Baiai look quite something from the few photos I’ve seen (no doubt carefully taken). What are they like and what access do you get? What’s in the museum at Castello? Sounds good fun, Anne!

      • There is so much to see at Baia and I spent hours on the internet working out how to get there and how to book the glass bottomed boat. Since that only runs at the weekend, (although it is bookable for parties on weekdays) it meant that I was stuck with the Sunday service on the Cumana railway line from Naples and the local buses which all seemed…[Read more]

        • It looks as if the new BBC4 three-part series on Roman Art will show the underwater finds at Baiae THIS COMING MONDAY at 9pm.

  • Has anyone managed to get a trip in the glass-bottomed boat CYMBA at Baia to look at the underwater archaeology? I can only find tales of woe on Google and the company has not replied to my email.

  • This looks really good – congratulations to Amelia! When I was in Serbia at ‘the other’ CICERO competition I spoke to teachers about the Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas, and one of their students was also a winner. […]

  • Saturday 24th March – and I shall be at the CICERO competition in Serbia!  (Where will you and your students be?) I haven’t yet worked out what the time difference will be, but from about 1pm – 4pm their time students in Sremski Karlovski will be hoping to communicate with students in the UK as […]

  • This year’s competition on Saturday 24th March will be the best ever!  Not only will your students get the opportunity to chat by videoconferencing with fellow-competitors from as far afield as Serbia and Australia, attempt two fiendishly difficult tests, try for prizes of up to £150 and fill a useful space on their UCAS form – […]

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