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    Some time ago the Roman Baths museum in Bath asked me to compile some resources for teachers which they intend to make freely available on their website. I completed the resources but there has been a delay in getting them onto the website. I will ask the staff at the museum if I can make these draft resources available to colleagues – perhaps if people gave me some feedback on the resources I could suggest that it would be a useful way of proof-reading them! Please let me know if you would like me to do this. The resources are intended for teachers of Classical Civilisation, Ancient History and Latin.

    • Yes, please, Anne. As someone who is considering a trip thither this year, I would welcome access to some up-to-date material.

    • I second Terry’s post – yes, please! I have already planned a trip to the Roman Baths museum and would like any resources I can get my hands on. =)

    • Yes, please! Would be happy to trial the resources

    • I’m sure that would be appreciated. I’ve just taken a trip to Bath and had to do quite a bit of adapting of some of their material to make it fit for my GCSE Latin group. Their material on translating inscriptions was useful – although I’m not convinced many of the students actually utilised it, given the translations are next to the stones!

    • I would be happy to get involved too. I have just come back from a trip to Bath, once again realising that the material I have does not quite work despite adaptations.

    • My mistake! I have just looked carefully at the Roman Baths website again and found that the resources have been uploaded! They hadn’t let me know and I hadn’t been able to find them! They are in a section called Secondary School resources. (wonder how long they have been there …..?)