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    There is now a Cambridge Latin Course resources page, AND Cambridge Latin Anthology sections have been added to the GCSE Latin Literature page.

    LITERATURE: a number of legacy resources still exist and I’ve added them to the relevant sections, but please be aware that these relate to previous specifications and the excerpts or style of examination may be different from what you expect. Still, they should be of great use to you.

    FILES WITH DEAD LINKS: links to files which were previously asked to be removed from the site remain dead for now, but some or many of these may yet become reinstated over the coming days. Please watch this space for an update on this.

    GUIDELINES: on both the Cambridge Latin Course page and at the top of the GCSE Latin Literature page are posted some guidelines for what it is appropriate to upload. PLEASE read these and bear them in mind when you next upload a resource relating to the CLC or CLA. Moderate use of copyrighted material is acceptable, but avoid quoting whole stories or passages, for example, and instead give a page or line references.

    I hope you will all find this excitingly brilliant news. It has been almost five years since, under its previous directorship, CSCP-related resources were effectively prohibited from the Classics Library. It is as a result of your desire to share these, your frustration at being disallowed, and the generosity of the new CSCP Project Manager, Caroline Bristow, that this welcome collaboration begins afresh.

    Thanks, as ever, to you all.