Update on Running Vocabularies by Terry Bird

An update on availability of Terry Bird’s RVs…

Terry Bird: Running Vocabularies (see www. tabclassics.uk)

For Latin and Greek I have prepared all the Group I and Group 3 set books and am now well into the Group 2 and 4 texts. I shall do four or five of these for each language

For Latin, I have finished (intentions are also noted ):

Group 2 Tacitus Annals I (part two). I am well into Cicero Pro Milone (part two),

Group 4 Aeneid X, Ovid, Tibullus and Propertius (part two – not done but I expect to do it

Group 1 Cicero Pro Milone (part one), Tacitus Annals I (part one)

Group 3 Virgil Aeneid VIII (part one), Ovid, Tibullus and Propertius (part one)

For GCSE I have prepared Aeneid I, the Catullus/ Ovid selection, the selection of Aeneid IV & VI

For Greek I have finished (intentions are also noted) :

Group 4 Odyssey IX; Antigone (part two)

Group 2 Thucydides IV (part two), I intend to do Apology

Group 1 Thucydides IV (part one), Apology (part one)

Group 3 Odyssey X, Antigone (part one),

For GCSE I have prepared Iliad I, Tales from Herodotus (this £18 only), Odyssey VI

I have all the current A2 texts.