Ancient Greek Drama from Barefaced Greek

From Barefaced Greek…

χαῖρε from Barefaced Greek!

We make smart, passionate short films using excerpts from Ancient Greek drama in the original language. All our films are subtitled, so that everyone can enjoy the sights, sounds and stories of these extraordinary plays, no matter their level of Classical knowledge.  

So far we have three films – The Watchman, Lysistrata and Poseidon and Athena – free to watch on our Youtube channel or via our website. Each is less than 15 minutes long, making them the perfect lesson starter or sixth-period-on-a-Friday-afternoon treat!

Greek drama can be a dense and unforgiving genre to study. We hope that our modern, accessible interpretations will help teachers and students find new, exciting ways to think about these texts by transferring them out of the Loeb and back into a performance context. Hearing Ancient Greek verse performed aloud also makes quotations easier to remember and can even shine a light into its labyrinthine grammar!

You can find all of our films on our website,, where there’s also a gallery of making-of photos to check out and a link to donate to our fundrazr campaign.

We’re currently hard at work planning our next batch of films: to get the latest news and updates, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

If you would like more information about Barefaced Greek – or have any text suggestions for our future films – please get in touch! There is a contact form on our website or you can email me directly at this address.


Daisey Friend

Production & Fundraising Assistant