Ancient Greek YouTube Videos

From Harry Tanner…

For the last few weeks, I have been putting together an online course (in YouTube videos) for open access to Ancient Greek (Latin to follow later). I am uploading videos every day for the course, which takes beginners right through to reading proficiency. I record tutorial videos for the grammar, vocabulary, and readings (initially from Rouse’s Greek Boy at Home), and then also record videos with two students (Ayça and Giuliano) who are learning with me. 

Since recording the tutorials fits nicely into my PhD writing routine, I intend to continue to publish as many as possible. The aim is to make Greek free to learn (hence the older, but free to access, textbooks) and open access to absolutely all. I am also recording and uploading more advanced material on verse, accentuation, etymology, and some pieces of text. For more details see my article here and for details on how the course is structured see my article here

This is really a labour of love for the language I am studying and writing about every day, and a good discipline for me before I sit down to read and write. I am sure I have made mistakes which – if it were written – I would spot and correct. Please do point them out, so I can ensure users are aware of them. As it is an evolving platform, please do email me with comments or Tweet me. I would be delighted to hear feedback, criticism, and points for improvement in my teaching.

We are in dark times with Covid-19, but I am also planning on continuing to run tutorials using Google Meets and to record those tutorials online. If any academics or students want to take part remotely, please drop me a line, and let’s set something up. 

Let’s keep the ancient languages alive, and open for business for everyone. 

Best wishes, 

Harry Tanner