Ancient World Summer School (Swansea University)

Heroes in Antiquity

SU Ancient World Summer School

The Department of Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology offers a series of four sessions on HEROES in the ancient world as part of the Swansea University Virtual Summer School, which runs, online, from Monday 12 July to Thursday 15 July. All sessions are at 11.00 am.

Monday 11.00 – Classics – Ian Repath

Heroes: Achilles Fights the River

Tuesday 11.00 – Languages – Maria-Elpiniki Oikonomou

Heroes: The language of the hero

Wednesday 11.00 – Egyptology – Hannah Sweetapple

Heroes: Who are the ‘Heroes’ of Ancient Egypt? 

Thursday 11.00 – Ancient History – Stephen Harrison

Heroes: Alexander the Great in Persia: The dark side of the hero

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