Bijan Omrani to talk on Caesar in Gaul

On Wednesday 11th October at 4.30 pm, Mr Bijan Omrani will be speaking on:

The conquest of Gaul: how Caesar changed Europe

In the 50s BC, Julius Caesar conducted a blood-soaked sequence of campaigns against the tribes of ancient Gaul. On the pretext of curbing an imminent barbarian threat to the Roman Republic, he subjugated the Celtic peoples who occupied the territory of what is now France. Caesar laid Gallic civilisation to waste, but within half a century of the conquest the Romans had begun to remake Gaul in their own image. Mr Omrani’s talk looks not only at what drew the Romans to invade, but how they changed Gaul over 500 years of occupation, and laid the foundations for the modern European civilisation to come.

Mr Omrani has taught classics at Eton and Westminster, and is the author of several books. He read Classics and English at Lincoln College, Oxford, before going on to write and research on the history of Afghanistan, the Silk Road and Central Asia, as well as Roman history and the development of Greek thought. His latest book is Caesar’s Footprints: Journeys to Roman Gaul (2017).

The talk is hosted by the St Paul’s Girls’ School Classics Society. Tea and cake will be served from 4.00 in the Dining Hall and the talk will be held in the Old Library. The event will finish between 5.30 and 6.00. There is no charge.

The address of the school is St Paul’s Girls’ School, Brook Green, London, W6 7BS; main telephone 020 7603 2288. The nearest tube is Hammersmith.

All are welcome, but if you or your pupils would like to attend, please email Gregory Wilsdon at with their names as soon as possible and at the latest by Monday 9th October. Please note that we are now required to compile a list of names of those attending in advance.