Cambridge Digital Library: Mycenae Archive

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The Mycenae Archive presented here draws on the core collection in the Archives of the Faculty of Classics at the University of Cambridge. The collection principally consists of notebooks, drawings, plans and photographs of the archaeological endeavours of the team of the British School at Athens at Mycenae in 1920-1923, 1939 and 1950-1957 under the directorship of Alan John Bayard Wace (1879-1957). Some of the documents presented here are housed in two collections held physically in the British School at Athens (BSA): the Mycenae Excavation Records and as part of its BSA-Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies (SPHS) Image Collection.

To celebrate 100 years from the start of Wace’s work at Mycenae in 1920, we have united digitally this collection to offer the public and the scholarly community this resource for perusal in the hope that it will inspire, spark new questions and debates, and advance our knowledge of this key site for the history of early Greece and of the Mediterranean as a whole.