CICERO Latin and Class Civ Competition 2019

News from the organisers of this year.s CICERO event…

​This year’s competition for Sixth Form students (S4-S6 in Scotland) will take place on Saturday 23 March 2019. It’s a challenging and engaging competition with plenty of fun, and has three rounds – Latin translation, Cultural Quiz (this year’s topic is mythological animals – think Cerberus, the Hydra and others!) and a team quiz. Students can take part in the Latin competition and/or the Cultural Competition. There are four regional centres this year – Harrow School in North-West London, Bristol Grammar School, Liverpool College, and George Heriot’s School in Edinburgh. For more details, please contact Andy Keen ( and/or go to the website:

If you’re wondering about the sorts of questions involved, you can see some past papers here: