Classics Books Looking for a Home

Brian Sparkes (one time of Southampton University) has the following on offer, due to a house move. If you’re interested, please contact him directly at There are many other titles available, if there’s something you’re looking for.


Order from

Brian A. Sparkes, 16 Leigh Road, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1EF

£5 each (plus postage)

Sharrock, Alison, and Ash, Rhiannon, Fifty Key Classical Authors, 2002, Routledge.

Pelling, Christopher, and Wyke, Maria, Twelve Voices from Greece and Rome, Ancient Ideas for Modern Times, 2014, Oxford

Morales, Helen, Classical Mythology, A Very Short Introduction, 2007, Oxford

Dowden, Ken, The Uses of Greek Mythology, 1992, Routledge

Usher, Stephen, The Historians of Greece and Rome, 1969, Methuen

Tulloch, Alexander, It’s All Greek, Borrowed Words and History, 2019, Oxford

War with Troy, The Story of Achilles, told by Daniel Modern and Hugh Lupton,

3 Audio CDs and Teacher’s Guide, 2003, Cambridge Schools Classic Project

Marozzi, Justin, The Man Who Invented History, Travels with Herodotus, 2009, John Murray

James, Simon R.H, A Smattering of Latin, 2016, Portico

Allen, W. Sidney, Vox Latina, The Pronunciation of Classical Latin, 1970, Cambridge

Dunn, Daisy, Catullus’ Bedspread, The Life of Rome’s Most Erotic Poet, 2015, Collins

Williams, D. and Pattie, T.S., Virgil, His Poetry through the Ages, 1982, The British Library