Classics for All: Classics in the time of Covid

Classics for All has launched its first-ever fundraising appeal to help us meet the enthusiastic demand from teachers and schools who wish to introduce or extend their classics provision. We have successfully converted our school support from in-person sessions to online training and mentoring to ensure we could maintain our extensive programme activity in spite of Covid-19 restrictions. We have also developed a range of additional online materials that teachers in our schools can use in their own virtual classrooms.

The number of approaches we have received from state schools across the UK who want to introduce classics or extend their provision has been growing. This encouraging demand has been keeping us extremely busy and has meant that we have needed to retain full staffing to develop, deliver and monitor the support we are providing. This work needs to be paid for. It is not the easiest time to fundraise given the surge in competing demands on our donors. This is compounded for us as we have had to cancel all of the fundraising events that we had been planning over the course of the year.

For more detail about how we are delivering to state schools during Covid-19, see our leaflet here.

To make a donation, visit our website:

Your help is vital in allowing us to continue supporting schools during these extraordinary times. We need to raise an additional £250,000 by the end of the year.