Classics in the Classroom: University of Birmingham A Level Classical Civilisation Resources

A new project and collection of resources to help teachers of A Level Classical Civilisation. First up: the Late Roman Republic!

Dear Teachers,

We are incredibly excited to introduce our new project: “Classics in the Classroom”, which is part of the extensive outreach programme of the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology of the University of Birmingham. The project provides teachers with educational materials which are closely related to the content of the OCR Classics specifications and are freely available online. The first pack of materials is dedicated to the Late Roman Republic, a subject covered in both the A-Level Classical Civilisation syllabus and the A-Level Ancient History syllabus, and has been prepared by Dr Hannah Cornwell and Mr Ben Salisbury (PhD Candidate), both experts in the field. The pack contains a series of videos as well as notes to teachers, slides and workbooks for pupils, all of which are downloadable and ready to use in the classroom. We are hopeful that these materials will be of use to both you and your pupils.

Link here:

Classics in the Classroom – University of Birmingham Resources for teachers and pupils from the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham

We would be delighted to receive your feedback by email at Please do let us know what you think!

Many thanks,

Theofili Kampianaki, DPhil (Oxon.)
Research Fellow
Birmingham Research Institute for History and Cultures (BRIHC)