Course with Schola Latina Europaea et Universalis

Schola Latina Europaea et Universalis (SLEU) is now enrolling students for the course which will begin in September 2017.

Below is an extract from the website ( from which more information can be obtained.

The Schola Latína Európæa & Úniversális
The Schola Latina Europæa & Universalis offers one single subject, Latin as a perennial living language, and bases its teaching on the best available method for this purpose, Clément Desessard’s Lingua Latina sine molestia, from the «Assimil» series. Two options are offered, a leisurely one, to be completed in two academic years, and an intensive one, in one academic year. Teaching is delivered initially either in English or in Spanish, and eventually only in Latin.

Our courses, with the title of Sermo Latinus, which emphasises their active nature, are completely free of charge, and are addressed to all those who want to learn Latin, the eternal language of our ancestors, so as to be able not only to read its texts with understanding but also to write it with ease and fluently to speak it in all situations in order to bring it back to active life and everyday usage.

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