Defunct Email Addresses!

Hi, all. If your CL account was registered with a defunct email address, you may well find it’s been removed.The sheer number of emails to these being bounced back to the server was causing real problems. Of course I have no efficient way to contact you and the problem was such that it needed to be resolved at speed.

Now, please just re-register with a working email account! It only takes a minute. And, if you can, please register with a school account so that it’s easier and quicker for me to verify you as a teacher. I now have some more security in place, which, for example, means that when you register your account will not be fully activated (and you can see all areas of the site) until I verify it. It should in the longer term make things smoother for all.

To those of you moving school at the end of the year, PGCEs starting jobs in the new year, and anyone else who will need to change the email address they have on their CL account at some point, you can do this yourself (as long as you can still access the old account) within Settings. If you can’t access the old account any more, PLEASE DON’T just register a new account. Instead just EMAIL ME and I can change your address for you.

Take care, all and have a lovely Easter break.