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Dave Whitney writes about his website…

Delphi’s Guide to Athens is a free, interactive, child-friendly site which combines stories, pictures, photographs and information about life in Ancient Greece, with philosophy enquiries inspired by each location. You can find it at:

This resource can be used for:

Child-friendly research. The stories, facts and images bring Ancient Greece to life and will develop children’s understanding of what it was like to live in Ancient Athens. This might help children research a project about Ancient Greece, in class or for homework.

Philosophy discussions or enquiries. There are all sorts of questions that Delphi thinks of as she wonders around the city – and each one can form the basis of a philosophy enquiry.

Fun and interactive storytelling. Lead a class through the city, following Delphi’s stories and choosing where to go next, choose-your-own-adventure style!

As a stimulus for learning across the curriculum. Use as a stimulus for a class project, reading and writing activities or almost anywhere else in the curriculum.

A child-friendly guide to Athens today if you are taking the family on holiday!

Also on the site is our Enquiry Store of philosophy stories and enquiries, such as Delphi the Philosopher – a fully illustrated philosophical novel with accompanying scheme of work to introduce children to philosophy and the world of Ancient Greece. Find out more at

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