Events for school colleagues at the Classical Association Conference 2018

Dear List Members,

As part of the Classical Association Conference held at the University of Leicester April 6-9 2018, we are hosting a series of events aimed at school colleagues. These events have been scheduled on the Saturday and Sunday during the conference and include talks by John Taylor, author of a number of Latin and Greek coursebooks, workshops from the CUCD and CATB, Blazon Theatre, Panoply Vase Animation Project and Greek Myth Comix, as well as dedicated panels which explore teaching Classics subjects in schools.

Further information, including a downloadable poster, is available from the conference website which also provides a list of speakers and the provisional conference programme schedule.  The Classical Association provides bursaries for teachers wishing to attend the conference, for further details please visit their website.

We hope to see you in April.

With best wishes,

Nikki Rollason

On behalf of the CA2018 Organising Committee, University of Leicester.

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