Expanding Horizons: Warwick Classics and A. G. Leventis Ancient Worlds Day 2021

Expanding Horizons 

Warwick Classics and A. G. Leventis Ancient Worlds Day 2021 

Wed 16th June 

Dear All, 

This year’s Warwick Classics Network A. G. Leventis Ancient Worlds Day 2021 will take place online on Wednesday 16th June between 1.30 and 3.45pm with the general theme of ‘Expanding Horizons’

Our focus will be to take the topics covered in the OCR Classical Civilisation and Ancient History GCSE and A-level curricula and to expand upon these, looking especially at interactions between diverse groups, but also expanding the horizons of what we think Classics is and what the term ‘Classics’ covers. 

The day will consist of both live and pre-recorded elements. Live lectures will be delivered from 1.30pm by Prof Michael Scott and Dr Elena Giusti (see below) with a live Q&A with our current Classics students. For our pre-recorded content, our Warwick Classics community will present over 20 specially recorded short videos on a range of topics linked to the OCR specs but taking pupils in new directions. Both live and pre-recorded elements will complement the OCR specs while providing context and glimpses into new scholarship and directions in Classics. 

If your school would be interested in attending the live sessions, we would love for you to come along and join us. 

Live Sessions 

1.30-2.15pm The Battle of Salamis and its Impact – Prof Michael Scott 

Michael’s talk will focus on the impact of one of the most important events in ancient history, which in 2020 celebrated its 2,500th anniversary. This talk will be of interest to anyone studying Greece and Persia, Invention of the Barbarian, Ancient Warfare, and Athenian Democracy. 

2.20-2.50pm Studying Classics 

A live Q&A with our Warwick Classics students. This is your opportunity to learn all about studying Classics at university and why it is such a fun and respected degree 

3.00-3.45pm Centering Africa in Greek and Roman Literature – Dr Elena Giusti 

Elena’s talk with focus on representations of Africa in Greek and Roman literature, as well as African authors writing in Latin and Greek. This talk will be of interest of anyone studying Egypt, Cleopatra, Carthage, Dido, and Women in the ancient world. 

Pre-recorded videos 

Our pre-recorded videos will cover diverse topics including Rome and Greek Myth, Petra, Roman art beyond the frontier, Ancient lyric, Persian fashion in Athens, Greek Theatre, the destruction of Carthage, Nero, Roman Britain, and much more! 

How to Sign Up 

If you are interested in attending the live sessions or in receiving more information about this event, please email Dr Paul Grigsby at Paul.Grigsby@Warwick.ac.uk

We hope to see some of you there, 

all the best, 
Dr Paul Grigsby
WCN Research Fellow in Outreach and Impact
Department of Classics and Ancient History
University of Warwick