Registering, Accessing Resources, Sharing Resources

To Register
You’ll need to be a teacher within an institution email account to register, or otherwise have a reasonable need for access. Use the link at the top of the homepage. Once you’ve registered, your account will need to be verified before you can access all areas.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Steve Jenkin. If you try to register without an institution address and don’t contact Steve to confirm/discuss, your registration will likely be deleted.

To Access and Share Resources
Once you’ve registered and your account is verified you’ll be able to access the CL resources area, which is full of many thousands of teaching resources contributed by other teachers over the years. You’ll find a link to this area in the Resources menu.

Please share your own resources to help other teachers! Again, you’ll find a link to page where you can do this in the Resources menu.

Advertising a Teaching Role at your School

It’s simple. All the details you need are HERE.

Put simply, just email all the text of the advertisement, images (such a logo), video, files to link to (such as job description), and whatever else you’d like to feature in the post to Steve (). He’ll do the rest. If you have any questions, just get in touch!

Posting News and Promoting an Event

Just email all the text (including any relevant dates), images, video, files to link to, and whatever else you’d like to feature in the post to Steve ().

Using the Discussion Groups

You can only access this teachers area once you’re registered and verified.

There are many groups for different subject specifications and their modules, and also for all sorts of other topics.

You can post to a group from each individual Group Page, but you can also post from the Site-Wide Activity Page (which comes up when you log in and which you can also access from your profile menu where you see your own name).

If you post from the Site-Wide Activity Page, be sure to select the appropriate group from the drop-down menu in the pop-up box where you write your post. If you don’t select a group, your post will by default be ‘private’, won’t be posted to the right group and won’t appear in the Daily Digest email of group activity.

The Daily Digest of group activity which is emailed to members is a great way to seek advice from all the members who may not have logged in that day.

Managing My Account

Where you see your name and profile picture you’ll find a menu with options to view and edit your profile, and other areas relevant specific to your profile.

Here you’ll be able to edit your account, your email and password, and edit various preferences.

You’ll also be able to view your group memberships, connections and messages to and from other members and more.