Registering, Accessing Resources, Uploading Resources

How do I register?

Click on Log In/Join, and on the next screen click on Register. Complete all the fields asked of you. You can edit the privacy settings of your profile fields, so that, for example, you can hide the name of your school. Then click on Complete Registration. You should receive a confirmation email to activate your account. if you  have any problems, please just get in touch with Steve Jenkin.

How do I find out the extra login to access resources?

Each registration is vetted, since only teachers (or similar) can have access. Once you’ve registered, Steve Jenkin will vet your account and, all being well, you’ll receive confirmation and the additional login to access resources. Again, if there are any problems, or questions about access please email Steve Jenkin

How do I upload a resource?

Log in. Then go to any resources page (via CL Resources and the extra login for those. It won’t make any difference which resources page you’re on.), where you’ll find the following ‘Upload Box’.


Please give me the information about the resource which might not be obvious (module title, the title of the resource, and who you are so I can credit you.

Then type in your email address (this is to check against spam, and so that you receive an email confirming your upload).

Then Browse to find the file of the resource on your computer.

When you’ve done all that, just click ‘Upload’. You’ll get an email confirming what you’ve uploaded and it’ll be forwarded to me.

Posting News of an Event, and Posting Other News in Discussion Groups

How do I post news of a forthcoming event?

Just email to Steve Jenkin with all the details (including times and dates and any contact details) and images to be included.

How do I post news or a question to other members?

If you would like to post news of something important and of a general classical nature, which isn’t an event, please email Steve Jenkin.

If you want to post some news or ask a question about something more specific, please use the most relevant discussion Group(s).

Once logged in, you can do this in two ways…

Once logged in, you’ll be taken straight to the Activity Feed for the site, which shows you what members have been doing and posting. Above that you’ll see some text asking you ‘What’s new, …?‘. Click just below this text and you’ll find you can type your post. Then you just need to decide where to post it. Where you can see a button called ‘My Profile’, click and you’ll get a drop-down menu offering you a list of all the discussion Groups. Choose one. When you’ve finished, click on Post Update. After a few seconds, your post will have been added to the relevant Group, targeting just the right people. IMPORTANT TIP: if you leave the location for the post as ‘My Profile’, it won’t be added to any of the Groups, which means it won’t get emailed out to members in the daily digests, nor appear alongside other relevant posts.

Once logged in, click on Groups. Then from the list choose the most relevant Group for your post. At the top of your chose Group page, you’ll see some  text asking you ‘What’s new in….?’. Click below it and there you’ll be able to type your post. When you’re finished click on Post Update, and after a few seconds your post will be added to that Group’s discussion.

How do I join and manage my groups?

Once logged in, click on Groups. You’ll then get a list of all the discussion Groups, and each will tell you whether you’re a member and receive email notifications from it, or otherwise will ask you if you’d like to join or leave. Click on the group you’d like to visit or manage. Once on that particular Group’s page, you can edit your email preferences, click to see a list of all members, or add a post of your own for other group members (see above).

How can I interact with and contact other members?

Aside from posting in Groups, you can reply to other people’s posts and you can send a message to other members.

You can reply to other member’s posts by clicking the reply button  below their post, typing your reply and then clicking on Post.

There are three ways to send a message to another member, with varying degrees of privacy. the option you are most likely to want to use is the THIRD OPTION (i.e. most private).

Click on the link to the member’s profile (where you see their name). You will taken to their ‘Wall’, which is a chronological list of their activity on the site.

Below the text saying ‘Write something to…‘ click, type your message and then click on Post Update. This will post your message to their wall, and other members will be able to see it.

Hover over the ‘…’ in the top right where it says ‘Add Friend’ or ‘Friends’. Choose the option Public Message. you’ll be taken back to the Activity feed, which you see when you first log in. However, the member’s username will appear at the beginning of the update textbox, after which you can type your message and then click on Post Update to send. This will post your message to your wall, and other members will be able to see it.

Hover over the ‘…’ in the top right where it says ‘Add Friend’ or ‘Friends’. Choose the option Private Message. You’ll be take to your personal Messages page, and the  members username will be added to the ‘Sent To’ field. Choose a subject and type your message, just as you would an email. Click Send Message to send. Your message wll be sent privately to the member’s Messages page. If they have their email notifications set to allow it, they will get an email to the address they registered with telling them that they have a message on the site. Otherwise they will receive a notification on the site itself when they next log in.

Once you have started or want to start sending messages to other members, you can click on Messages from the left-hand menu and manage all of this from your personal Messages page.

Managing My Account

How do I change my password?

Once logged in, click on Settings. From the Settings page you can change/update your email address or your password.

How do I change my email address (say, if I'm moving school)?

Once logged in, click on Settings. From the Settings page you can change/update your email address or your password.

If you have any problem or aren’t sure, PLEASE just email me at stephenjenkin@theclassicslibrary.com and I can update your email address for you.

PLEASE DON’T just register a new/duplicate account.

How do I update my profile (my school, etc)?

Once logged in, click on Profile, and then on your Profile page click on Edit.

How can I control the privacy of my account online?

Once logged in, click on Profile, and then on your Profile page click on Edit. Your name can’t be made invisible, but your school and background can be adjusted so that only you or other members can see them. Click on Change, where you see ‘This field can be seen by…’.