Susan Effendowicz at The Mall School has anumber of books ready to go to a good home. Free except for postage on the heavier items. Get in touch with Susan if you’re interested (

Selections from:

Aspects of Greek Life / Aspects of Roman LifeThese were published by Longman. I have 27 booklets.

Ecce Romani 5:  1 copy

The Latin Language by Oliver and Boyd: 6 copies

From Common Entrance to GCSE by Mark Siegel: 2 copies

Greek Vases by Dyfri Williams BMP: 1 copy

A.B.C. ET CETERA by Alexander and Nicholas Humez: 1 copy

Greek English Lexicon (small copy) by Liddell and Scott: 1 copy

A Greek Grammar for schools by E. A. Sonnenschein: 1 copy (pd.1932)

New Testament Greek by Eric G. Jay: 1 copy