GCSE Latin for Beginners (Online), Funded Places

GCSE Latin for Beginners – Starter Course

Dates & Times

25th September – 23rd October 2021 (5 weeks)

Saturdays from 11:00-12:00 BST, Online.


A fun, fast-paced and supportive introduction to Latin based on the current GCSE language component (OCR). This Saturday course will provide a great foundation for students interested in learning or revising Latin alongside their main studies, building the tools for self-study and gaining an insight into the language, mythology and history of ancient Rome.

More Info

Who is it suitable for?

  • Complete beginners and those keen to revise the basics.
  • Students interested in language learning or the ancient world in general, who have not previously had the chance to study Latin.
  • Students interested in working towards GCSE-level Latin independently.
  • Students looking for an alternative to 1-on-1 private tuition, see also Booster groups.

5 Funded Places for students who meet some, or all, of the eligibility criteria:

  • Student attends, and has always attended, a non-selective UK state school or college.
  • Student has not previously had the chance to study GCSE Latin on-timetable.
  • Student would be the first in their immediate family to attend university.
  • Student has been eligible for free school meals at secondary school.

To apply for a funded place, eligible students should complete the application form by 15th September 2021.

To sponsor someone else’s place on the course, school departments can now donate a place.