Greek Reading Groups for Adults

A suggestion from Jeremy Antrich. Would you like to get involved?

A few years ago, after retiring from my full time job as Head of Classics at Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingston upon Thames, I got withdrawal symptoms. So I started a local  Greek drama reading group. The idea was to meet regularly and read through tragedies and comedies in the original Greek, discussing them but without too much formality. Importantly, we could proceed at whatever speed was comfortable, and there were no targets, deadlines or other constraints to spoil the fun.

So about ten of us meet on a Monday afternoon roughly every two weeks – we are all retired, and mostly, though by no means all, ex-teachers. We enjoy the Classical dramas, plus a little non-Classical chat on the side, not to mention tea and cake. We may possess a range of language experience, but we are alike in enthusiasm. Lately, unsurprisingly, we have progressed to using Zoom for our get-togethers. The tea and cake may be unavailable, but the enthusiasm and fun remain.

It now strikes me that similar groups could be set up round the country (indeed, maybe there are already some in existence), or nationally, or even internationally, if the numbers were not too large – sessions with half-a dozen to a dozen people seem to work well. Would anyone be interested in joining a group to read Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey? I’m willing to host Zoom meetings and discuss further details. My own group hopes to resume live meetings as soon as it becomes possible to do so. Others may wish to start a local group, albeit initially with Zoom. Others again may wish to have non-geographic meetings permanently on Zoom.

I invite anyone interested to contact me if they’d like to take this idea further, at

With all good wishes,
Jeremy Antrich