Hebdomada Aenigmatum: The first magazine of Latin crosswords


The first magazine of Latin crosswords

Hebdomada Aenigmatum is the first monthly magazine of crosswords and puzzles in Latin. It was launched in June 2014 by the Italian Cultural Association Leonardo, in collaboration with the online Latin news magazine Ephemeris (http://www.alcuinus.net/ephemeris/). It is available free of charge in printable pdf format upon registration on the www.MyLatinLover.it website.

The magazine features several crosswords and word puzzles in Latin, a section with global news, a comic strip of Incredibilis Snupius (Snoopy) and a section on miscellaneous subjects (movies, recipes, sport, etc.).

The magazine also features a variation of Sudoku with Latin numbers. Not everybody knows that the Sudoku is a modern version of the “Latin square”. Hebdomada Aenigmatum has therefore recovered the Latin origins of one of the most popular games in the world.

The editor-in-chief is Luca Desiata alias “Lucas Cupidus”, the CEO of the Italian state-owned company Sogin and a Professor at the Luiss Business School in Rome.

In the three years from its launch, the magazine has published 30 issues (for a total of over 500 pages) and has been subscribed by 7,000 readers globally. About 3,000 subscriptions are from UK, France, Germany and Northern Europe where a strong tradition of Latin studies is still alive.

Hebdomada Aenigmatum has received extensive coverage on the international press including The Times, The Telegraph, BBC, Le Monde, NBC News, Kleine Zeitung, Pravda, etc.

The success of Hebdomada Aenigmatum proves that Latin is still alive and can be proposed as an ideal tool for international communication to overcome the language barriers that still hamper European integration.

Luca Desiata
Hebdomada Aenigmatum – Editor-in-chief
cell.: +39.337.1504116