Initiating Latin at KS 3 (and earlier)

Initiating Latin at KS 3 (and earlier)

A Classical Association Teaching Board & Manchester Classics for All INSET/CPD

University of Manchester, Saturday, 13th October, 2018, 10am-4.30pm

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In recent years, organisations including Classics for All and the Iris project have enjoyed inspiring success in promoting the learning of Latin at primary and secondary schools where provision of classical languages had been non-existent or endangered. Building on the work of the Manchester Classics for All Project and previous CATB INSET events, this training day aims to promote the teaching of Latin (and Greek and Classics broadly) at an early stage of the school curriculum, not only for its own intrinsic interest and importance, but also for the transferable skills and possibilities that it makes available to young people. The event will appeal to several groups:

Schoolteachers of any subjects (humanities and sciences) who are interested in starting up Latin classes in their institutions;
Schoolteachers who have a desire to learn Latin with a view to introducing it to their schools; no previous knowledge of Latin is required!
Schoolteachers with experience of the classical teaching(in particular those who specialise in its history and culture) who are hoping to introduce Latin;
Those teaching – or planning to initiatepre-GCSE qualifications (OCR ELC; WJEC Level 1 certificate) or extra-curricular classes; at KS3 or earlier
Anyone who supports the teaching of Latin in schools in any form.

We anticipate that our event will include lectures on workshops on the following themes:

purpose and vision: the value and importance of Latin for underpinning and enhancing other subjects from literacy to science, and for building young people’s communication skills and hence their self-confidence and aspirations;
content and practicalities;
Latin teaching at KS 3 and earlier;
OCR’s Entry Level Certificate and WJEC Level 1;
introductory Latin-learning sessions;
methods of teaching Latin and classical pedagogy;
regular and special (enrichment) sessions, during and after school, on and off timetable lunchtime clubs; after-school events.

Speakers include: Steve Hunt (Cambridge University); John Taylor (University of Manchester) and other pioneering teachers of languages at KS 3. We hope that the major exam boards and publishers of classical textbooks will be represented at the event; there will be contributions from representatives of schools that have recently initiated Latin classes.

A registration fee (£4 unwaged; £8 waged) will be levied to cover costs.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Manchester Classics for All, the University of Manchester and the Classical Association Teaching Board.

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