JACT Latin Summer School 2012

Jact Latin Summer School

23rd July – 4th August 2012

The JACT Latin Summer School will once again be held at Wells Cathedral School in Somerset. This year, the course has been extended by 2 days so that beginners can cover even more Latin and more advanced pupils can translate 2 full texts (one verse, one prose) in detail.

Why come?                                  

  • You have never had the opportunity to study Latin but would like to learn – the course offers the opportunity for students to cover enough grammar so that by the end of the course they can translate ‘real’ Latin.
  • You are learning Latin at school in preparation for GCSE / A-level, or you want to bridge the gap between the two – this is one of our fastest growing demographics.  Our aim is not to prepare students specifically for the exam but to broaden their experience of Latin so that they have a better understanding of the subject.
  • You are already taking A-level and are considering a Classical course at university – the summer school provides an opportunity for those who want to push themselves in the subject as preparation for university.
  • You are considering taking up Latin at university and want to get a head start – the summer school is able to provide a solid grounding for those who are starting Latin at university.
  • You are intending to read a subject at university, or undertake postgraduate research, for which Latin would be useful.
  • You are teaching, or intend to teach, Latin – in the past the summer school has been able to cater specifically for those taking a PGCE or who are about to start their first teaching post.
  • You have begun Latin at university and need to reinforce your knowledge of the language – because the summer school is so intensive we are able to offer students the opportunity to develop their understanding of Latin and broaden their experience of Latin texts.

Essentially the summer school caters to anyone and everyone who has an interest in Latin and Roman culture, regardless of age or experience.

What’s on offer?

  • 12 days of concentrated focus on Latin language and culture.
  • 3 formal teaching sessions per day, giving the chance to read whole texts, both prose and verse.
  • A full programme of lectures on aspects of Roman life and literature, with speakers from universities and museums.
  • Basic ‘grammar clinics’ to help  those who feel their grammar needs a boost.
  • The chance to meet university lecturers from a variety of Classics departments.
  • Organised excursions including a trip to Bath

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