KS3 Classics Remote teaching – ideas for keeping students motivated and engaged

In the context of remote teaching, enthusiasm and engagement can easily wane: Class Civ topics can be a great way to engage students and give them material that all students can respond to in different and creative ways.  de Romanis has been written as much as a introduction to the cultural world of the Romans as a Latin text book: along with other books from the Bloomsbury Classics list, de Romanis will be available for free during the school closure via the Classoos platform (https://www.classoos.com/).  

Each of the twelve chapters centres on a different cultural theme, and the material relating to this theme (introduction, images, sources for analysis, questions for discussion) can be studied independently from the chapter’s Latin content.  The chapters cover themes such as the Olympian gods, Roman heroes, Roman games and festivals, oratory, the army, Egypt, Roman Britain: any of these could work well as a self-contained extension topic, regardless of which Latin course you are currently using. 

In addition, the Companion Website (www.bloomsbury.com/de-romanis-resources) offers extra material such as worksheets, quizzes and video links.  The teachers’ guide (available online) has ideas for creative tasks which can be set for each chapter / ways to link the theme to modern-day topics as a good way to stimulate engagement / discussion. 

If you’re interested in ideas for how to use this material to keep students motivated ( / save you time in preparing lesson resources!) then join the discussion here!