Latin AS Level texts day at Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park, London

Continuing the tradition set by Stephen Jenkin when he was HoD at Francis Holland School, we are holding a day devoted to the AS level Latin set texts on Friday, 3rd February 2012.

Matthew Leigh and Llewelyn Morgan from Oxford University, who did such a splendid job last year on the ‘old’ texts, have kindly agreed to come again this year to talk about the ‘new’ texts.  Each of them will give two one-hour talks on different aspects of the texts and the context.

The conference will be from 10 till 4 (approximately).  Generous refreshments will be provided, but not lunch, which should be taken off premises.  There is a  charge of £10 per person to cover costs.

Reservations will be accepted by e-mail, but only payment will fully secure booking.

For further information, and to reserve/book, please contact Jeannie Cohen at: