A Latin Hexameter Challenge!

An interesting request I’ve had… Can you help…?

I wonder if, for a fee, a Latin specialist could be found to translate the following two lines of verse into Latin hexameter as though an exercise in Latin (mock) epic verse construction by a schoolchild.

The work actually existed at Midhurst Grammar School (circa 1812); an attempt by a boy (thirteen-year-old) to write such a (mock heroic) verse concerning a battle between cellar-rats and water-rats whose ‘realm’ is the school pond until the waters dry up to cause an exodus.

Latin Verses: A memoir of schooldays by Sir Charles Lyell Kt FRS.

The pattern of feet, as I see it, is this:
dum-ditty | dum-ditty | dum-ditty | dum-ditty | dum-ditty| dum-dum

This is the | forest pri | meval. The | murmuring | pines and the | hemlocks
1                  2                   3               4                  7               6

From Aeneid Book 1 the first lines are roughly in hexameter
Arma vir | umque can | o, Troi | ae qui | prim us ab | oris

So my wish is for something similar in Latin from the boy’s opening lines (also in hexameter) . . .

Oh woe the day that saw our Realm of Ooze undone, for Zeus a Drought has wrought
to goad us rend old Foes: Tribes of the Netherworld whose Blood our Grudge long sought.

If a specialist could Quote for this task I’d be most grateful and can, indeed, make payment before receipt.

There is no urgency for this but I trust it might divert a lover of Latin.

I send my respects and friendliest regards

Catherine Isolde Eisner
e-mail : eisner@hyeresfrance.org