Latin Set Texts Day in Manchester / Reading Competition

Wednesday 8th February, from 2pm

The Manchester Branch of the Classical Association and the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Manchester are offering this to students and teachers. It’s all free and refreshments are provided.

The texts covered will be Cicero in Verrem II, Tacitus Annals XIV, Livy XXIII, Ovid Amores III, Virgil I and Catullus.

Lectures are also being given on Latin and Greek pronunciation


Also, on Wednesday 7th March…

The School’s Latin and Greek Reading Competition, for the following categories: Latin Beginners (entrants in pairs), GCSE Latin, GCSE Greek, Sixth Form Latin Prose, Sixth Form Latin Verse, Sixth Form Greek.


You need to book for either of these events.
Contact Aimee Schofield for more information: