Learn Latin in Lewes. Weekend courses in Spring and Summer 2018

Learn Latin in Lewes. Weekend courses in Spring and Summer 2018

These short courses take place over two days in the delightful county town of Lewes, East Sussex.

Each day there are five hours of study – allowing plenty of time, perhaps to recover, and certainly to explore the town and surrounding National Park.

The course will cover virtually all the grammar required for the GCSE examination – which should mean that you will understand it all, though you may not remember it all. However, for those who wish to go on with Latin it will provide a very secure grounding.

Not everyone wants that however. Some want to be reminded of the Latin they learned in a distant past; others want to see just what it is about Latin that still interests so many. The course assumes no previous knowledge.

Cost: £100 for the two days.

One weekend (May 5/6) will be specifically for those taking the GCSE exam in the summer who would welcome a revision of all the grammar they need for Paper One of both the OCR and EDUQAS exams.

Accommodation. Plenty of airbnb, three hotels in town – further information from the tourist office.

What will I need?

  1. A good night’s sleep
  2. Pen and paper.

Sessions will run:

The teacher: Richard Burrows was the Latin and Classics teacher at Priory School in Lewes for 14 years and now teaches twilight classes in the County and helps train Classics teachers at the University of Sussex.

Dates:   March 17/18; April 21/22;  May 5/6 (Revision for GCSE candidates); May 12/13;  June 16/17;  July 7/8.