Lysistrata – The Edinburgh Classics Society Play 2012

Things have reached a total cock-up…

Sick of their husbands’ war, the women of Greece, under Lysistrata’s command, band together to end it by sacrificing the one thing they crave most, besides alcohol. They swear to abstain…from sex. A thoroughly modern interpretation of a 2423 year old play, Lysistrata is comprised of a potent mix of innuendo, word-play, slapstick, farce and strap-ons… but contains absolutely no sex. At all. Not even in the lion-on-a-cheese-grater position.

Teviot Debating Hall
Monday 12th – Friday 16th November 2012
Tickets £3.50/£4

Reservations can be made via email at
Tickets also purchasable on the door