Nero: Who Do You Think You Are?

From ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’…

Nero: Who Do You Think You Are   (

The course is richly illustrated in the video lectures, there are oodles of downloadable handouts – lecture notes, maps, glossary, List of Persons, family trees, etc. as well as great quizzes to consolidate learning at every stage.  

It’s on demand (recorded) so that you can start when you like, watch as often as you like and in any order if you wish, and take as long or as short a time as you wish to.

Only £95 (or two month instalments of £50) for this excellent complement to the British Museum’s exhibition.  And, if you’re not going to the show, then it’s still a marvellous stand-alone course, giving you a real taste of the time of Nero and changing the way you might view ancient history …

No exams, just fun, friendly, fascinating and fact-filled.  And a great way to enhance your visit to the exhibition and/or to inspire a fresh look at this young man who became ruler of his world.