Online Courses from The Muddy Archaeologist

Starting with Neolithic Orkney, but much more classical stuff to come…

Neolithic Orkney has been a great hit and continues to be available (although image licences may mean it is only available until April 2021 … so don’t miss out!).  Enjoy these beautiful islands and the astonishing 5,000 year-old archaeology that takes us back to the first farmers who settled here and created a stunning ritual landscape amidst this gorgeous scenery.  Join me and take a virtual crawl into tombs, explore the actual houses they lived in and consider the vibrant life that was so creative here.

But, the real appeal to your members may be this: a brand new course that I’ve just launched is Practical Latin.  

It’s fun, fascinating and friendly.  Learn a life skill and stimulate the little grey cells as you discover that Latin is all around us – yes, in inscriptions etc, but also in English words we use every day!

Practical Latin is actually two courses:  First Steps is now available and gives you the basics, and gets you started so that you can translate mottoes, short inscriptions, phrases and short Roman proverbs and quotes etc. 

Stepping Out will be launched in August and gives you ALL the rest of Latin grammar so that you can explore the inscriptions you encounter on your travels (when we finally get to travel again!) or in your local church and area, plus some of the famous classical quotes, and plenty of mottoes, phrases, etc.  You can find out more – and book pre-launch for a great discount here.

You can also buy BOTH courses together for a truly great saving (a generous £90 off the total cost of both courses after launch).  Just email me for a personal coupon for this great opportunity.

Both courses have a FREE preview  – complete with a complete free lecture, a quiz, useful handout and insights into the rest of the course.  

First Steps Free Preview is available here: just register (no cost, no obligation!) and you also get the option of joining me for the FREE LIVE monthly Q&A session (every month, not just this month).   Anyone registering will receive the link to join us; our next friendly, relaxed, informative and very enjoyable and engaging session will be on Wednesday 12th August at 7.30pm.  

Stepping Out Free Preview is here.  

Other courses will follow …