Ovid Metamorphoses showcased by Brighton Early Music 2019

News from Maya Davis of a classical event at this year’s Brighton Early Music Festival…

The theme of this year’s Brighton Early Music Festival is ‘Metamorphosis’. Several of this year’s events therefore focus on the stories in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

On 12th October Jonathan Rees presents the story of Perseus and Andromeda in two venues. This performance is suitable for 5 -12 year olds.

In the main festival, which starts on 25th October and runs for three weeks, mainly at weekends, there are Ovid-centred performances on 26th October (instrumental and vocal music from 14th – 17th century based on stories from Greek mythology) and 9th November (works by Handel including his cantata Apollo and Daphne, plus extracts from his opera Semele.)

In February 2020 there is also a new production of the 1608 opera La Dafne by Marco da Gagliano.

Full details and a pdf of the Brighton Early Music Festival brochure can be seen on www.bremf.org.uk