Oxford Outreach Lecture “Language Learning Across Language, Culture and Time” Thursday 27th September 4:30pm

Northampton High School are fortunate to be hosting Dr. Philomen Probert from Oxford’s Classics Faculty on Thursday 27th September at 4:30pm as part of our programme of events celebrating European Day of Languages. Her talk, part of the Outreach programme, is entitled “Language Learning Across Language, Culture and Time”, and promises to be of interest to anyone who is learning a foreign language.

“When we learn languages we often find some things harder than others. For example, the distinction between masculine and feminine nouns in French is difficult for English speakers, but basic French word order is a bit easier. The use of the English word ‘the’ is very difficult for Russian speakers, but a bit easier for French speakers. (English spelling is difficult for everybody…) For these reasons, different techniques are used for teaching different languages and to different groups of people. Yet tools and techniques for language teaching have also influenced one another across languages and cultures. By exploring historical language teaching and learning techniques in western Europe, this talk aims to enrich the intrinsic interest of language teaching and learning itself.”

Free event, with refreshments from 4pm: all welcome. Please circulate to interested parties. Contact 01604 765765 or email admin@nhs.gdst.net to reserve places; email k.mason@nhs.gdst.net for more information.