Prospettiva Art Tours: Online Lectures on Romand and Italian Sites and Cities

Prospettiva Art Tours, set up and run by ancient historians, offers a series of virtual tours/online lectures on a wide array of topics on the ancient world or the reception of Rome in the Renaissance.  We are currently concluding a series on Rome, which will be followed by lectures on Venice, the Veneto and Pompeii. The lectures on Pompeii, which will start in November, will centre around the new discoveries made in the Vesuvian cities, as well as every day life in these towns.  The events are on Zoom and consist of an hour long lecture followed by a half an hour of discussion. What makes these lectures particularly apposite to Classics teachers is that the lectures are all based on individually tailored footage, including all the major sites in Rome and Pompeii. The lectures on Rome and Pompeii, in particular, are bread and butter for Classics teaching, covering topics such as every day life in Roman times, the eruption of Vesuvius and the new discoveries made in the Vesuvius towns in recent years.  They are all in the evening and on weekends, making it easier to attend them.

Next week, we are running lectures on Rome: City of Popes, where we explore how Popes took on the title Pontiex Maximus and behaved like Roman emperors.

The lectures are on Wednesday 30 September at 18:00 BST and 3 October at 10:00 BST.

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