Quinquennium, a New Blog for Early-Career Classics Teachers

Bringing you news of a brand new blog by Dom Jones (@domjones)…

Quinquennium is here!

A lively, peer-led blog for early career Classics teachers which will unlock new practice and perspectives: http://www.quinquennium.com

Just published:

  • How to prepare for teaching new texts
  • The best of lesser-known Roman Britain
  • Are you a classicist or a Classics teacher?
  • Three tips for teaching Ancient History
  • What does a HoD need from a new teacher?
  • Teaching at the JACT Latin Camp: what I learnt

Have a look and get in touch! Write for us (any ideas welcome), join the comment threads, challenge and provoke us.

What matters to early career Classics teachers?

It’s a bottom-up, ‘worm’s view’ forum for your to connect with your peers and all the amazing practice out there. Checkit out, subscribe, and share your thoughts. 

We’ll see you over there!