Teaching Resources

There are thousands of teaching resources here in the Classics Library. All of them were generously uploaded by teachers for the free use by other teachers. They are securely password-protected and only accessible once you have a full-approved account of your own.

If you are a signed up member,  just LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT and click on the CL Resources link in the Resources menu. Only signed-up and logged-in members will be able to proceed through to the CL Resources area.

If you have never accessed the resources before, there are just three easy and fast steps to gain access…

  1. Register an account, if you haven’t already, with the Classics Library. You will need to be a teacher to set up an account – no students, I’m afraid (except PGCE students). You can always email Steve Jenkin if you have any queries.
  2. Steve Jenkin () will confirm your account (your teaching status in other words!).
  3. That’s it. Any problems or questions, email Steve Jenkin.